Oil Lamps and Oil Lamp

Care & Maintenance For Indoor & Outdoor Oil Lamps.

Lamp & Oil Torch Care Tips.

* The oil burner flame height can be simply adjusted by reducing or increasing the height of the wick, protruding out of the oil burner.  Generally, the height should be around 10mm.  Smaller lamps (such as the Verona oil burners ) can be set at around 5mm.

* If the oil burner flame is producing a sooty smoke, reduce the height of the protruding wick.  It is important to use a high quality lamp oil, which is specifically designed for use in oil burning lamps.  For clear lamp oil click here.

If using your lamps or oil torches outdoors, we suggest using Citronella Oil, which will help to ward off flying insects.  Please click here to view Citronella Oil for use with oil burners, lamps and oil torches outdoors.

* If changing lamp oil from clear paraffin-based oil to Citronella oil, it is recommended to change the lamp wick for the optimum performance for each oil type.  We supply wicks and accessories for all our lamps and oil torches, so please click here to view the various spares available at the bottom of our homepage.

* Indoor & outdoor oil lamps, Oil torches and Snuffers can be maintained to their original finish by using a non-abrasive metal polish.  www.oil-lamp.co.uk supply polish specifically designed for oil burning lamps which can be purchased via the website.

Always test any polish on an inconspicuous area of the oil burners before applying to the whole lamp body.

* Some oil burners and oil torches are made of high quality copper.  Pure copper will darken and 'patina' if left exposed to the elements over time.  This looks particularly attractive to some people but if you intend to keep the polished finish of certain copper outdoor oil lamps, it's best to move these indoors when not in use to minimise natural oxidization.

* If you intend to keep Oil burning lamps or oil torches outdoors permanently or for prolonged periods, it is a good idea to purchase colour-matching flame snuffers.  Not only do these look attractive, but will also prevent rain from being absorbed into the wick.  These can be purchased via our website to match the chosen oil burner finish.  Please click here to view the flame snuffers, available in our 'Oil Lamp spares, Wicks, Lamp Oil & Accessories' section (towards the bottom of the homepage).


Warnings and Safety for lamp oil & oil burning lamps.

* Always use oil burning lamps in adequately ventilated areas.

* Never leave indoor or outdoor oil lamps unattended and ALWAYS keep lamp oil and oil burning lamps out of the reach of children and pets.

* Wipe away any lamp oil spillages with an absorbent cloth as soon as these occur.  Use a suitable funnel to fill the oil burner and do not attempt to re-fill whilst the wick is alight.

* Never use combustible fuels such as petrol or lighter fluid.  Paraffin Oil using for heating can be used but this is not recommended as it will emit an undesireable smell and produce excessive smoke and soot.

Always use high quality Lamp Oil which is specifically designed for oil burner use.  Highly refined, paraffin-based lamp oil can be used, or lamp oil with Citronella extract to help ward off flying insects outdoors.